Saturday, November 24, 2012

Watch My Writing Journey

You are a writer. If you weren't, you wouldn't be here. The first step to being a writer is telling yourself you are one. Once I told myself that, I actually began to believe it. Suddenly I didn't mind spending hours on my laptop writing and researching or locking myself up in my room for days producing beautiful prose. Suddenly people didn't harass me about wasting my time or ask when I would give that up. Once you believe you are a writer, so will other people  Make it so people want to get you writer's gifts, t-shirts that joke about your profession and bumper stickers that only fellow writers would understand.

Throughout this blog I'll share any insights, tips, and research I find. I'll pass it on to you so you don't have to repeat my mistakes or go through the same trouble for the same information. My path to becoming the writer I am has been a long winded one. I started writing books that  my younger brother would listen to. I then wrote poetry and songs. That was when I thought of myself as a future author. Then I got older and knew my books would need much more work before they would be published. So in the meantime I should use my writing as my career. No I haven't published very many places, no I haven't given my book to publishers, and no one knows my name. Yet. The fact that years have gone my still and my dream hasn't changed is what shows me I'm a writer. That was when I decided: I am a writer.

Throughout this blog I'll share my journey of going from an amateur writer with little experience to a published author. I say this because I know I'll get there. I want this journey to be tracked. My pitfalls, my mistakes, lessons learned and success stories as well. So the writer in you can see it happen to someone like me. I'll ask for your opinions to help me make my decisions and listen to your comments of critique or comfort. I will be the proof that if I can do it, anyone can. Writers unite!

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