Saturday, November 24, 2012

Re-Energize the Writer

You've told yourself you'll be a bestselling writer someday. Whether it's fiction, non-fiction or poetry. You can feel it in your bones. Yet you are afraid to say it from the rooftops because you know people in your life who will doubt. If you are like me, you already  have people who doubt. People who ask how you are doing career wise. They mean for you to answer with your current day job and what "real" schooling you are undergoing. I know my mother was so proud when I told her I was doing Medical Coding school. I registered for classes because I figured I could do it from home...while I wrote. Though when I didn't get a job as a coder because every job needed 5 years experience, and I decide to take Copy Editing courses, suddenly my ambitions aren't so noble.

You need something to pull you back. Something to look at or listen to that will pull you back to the reason you are writing. The reason you spend hours online for the best writing classes, software, best writing pen, seminars in your area, and writers workshops online. You've probably wish listed about 100 books on amazon for writers. I know I have. So what do you do when someone makes you doubt yourself? This is not an easy industry. Many of the best well known authors were rejected several times from publishers. I'm not the type of person with thick skin. which isn't a good combination with the term "Writer". So tell me what you do to pull yourself back to focus?

Here are somethings I do to put my mind back in the Writer's mind.
  • Buy a book you once read and thought "This is terrible. There is no plot! The characters are flat! The descriptions are mediocre."When you are feeling put out, pick it up, read a few pages and tell yourself,"If they can do it, I can!" Have this book ready on your shelf always.
  • Pour your favorite drink (coffee, tea, soda, juice, wine, energy drink) in a mug titled: Writer.
  • Leave your current work and work on a brand new idea. Just brainstorm ten new books. Look at the list. Would a non-writer be able to make a list like that? Didn't think so.
  • Get a new writer's gadget. Some new reading glasses, a new laptop cover, a set of new pens.
  • Writer Identity items. Maybe a door hanger "Do not disturb...novel in progress"
  • If you are good with Photoshop or any other pic designer, design your book front matter. You'll be inspired!
  • Read a self-help book for writers. There are hundreds! See my suggestions (soon to come).
  • Explore a different genre. Make your mother blush with a romance novel. Would you put Lord of the Rings to shame? What about writing the next Jurassic Park?

If you have other tips to share, please comment! Let's learn from each other!

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