Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Media Bistro Copy Editing Certificate Program – Enrolled!

I enrolled in the Media Bistro Copy Editing Certificate Program and my first lesson is tonight. I will keep you informed on how it all goes. I expect to learn everything I need to and start working after the first class, as it promises

Why  I chose Media Bistro over UC San Diego Extension Copy Editing:

1.       Less expensive. $1500 for 6 classes, as opposed to $1580 for 4 classes.

2.       Classes include classes on freelance and writing/editing for the web if desired.

3.       No textbooks to buy

4.       No required live sessions/discussion. There are live if you can make it, but the discussion is saved in case you can’t.

5.       Focus on getting work, not just something to add to your resume.

I will keep you posted on if this lives up to my expectations. I plan to use what I learn immediately.

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