Saturday, November 24, 2012

Top 14 Gifts for Writers in 2012


With the gift-giving season right around the corner, I figure I'd offer everyone a couple items to add to their wish list. I always ask for gifts to help me write. I admit I'm a procrastinator. I always say "I hate to write, I love to have written". Course that isn't entirely true. I don't hate to write. It just takes a while to get me motivated. These are always great reminders that you have writing to do. Plus the more writer's related gifts you get or the more items you get for any holiday the more you'll feel like a writer and thus: you'll write more! Yay!

Here are the Top 14 Gifts for Writers

14.   iPod + speakers
13.   Laptop Cooler
12.   New laptop bag  
11.   Writer Mug (any mug with "Writer" printed on it)
10.   Writer T-Shirt (self designed) with own clever writer saying
  9.   Book Signing Pen in Case (Reg pen in glass box for inspiration)
  8.   Writing Self-Help Books
  7.   Painting Set (to get creative when they don't feel creative)
  6.   Writer's Magazine (like Writer's Digest)
  5.   Arc Notebook (customizable notebook!)
  4.   Writing Classes/Seminar
  3.   Kindle Fire (to help read and research on the go)
  2.   Liquid Story Binder Novel Writing Software
  1.   Laptop

As the gift giver, this list is exactly what should get you started for the writer in your life You won't go wrong with any of these itmes. As for the writer's reading, think of what you want. Think of what the writer in you wants. Make sure you always ask for at least one thing for the writer in you. Reward her/him too for all the work they do.

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