Saturday, November 24, 2012

Best Software for Novel Writing

I am by nature a perfectionist. I also happen to be easily distracted. Yet I also happen to be a research guru. What does this all lead up to? Apart from not getting much writing done, it leads me to believe that in order to write, not just write, but write well, I need certain things. Laptop. Laptop cooler. Desk for writing in bed. Back rest to sit up in bed. Writing lamp. Among my needs is software. In order for my masterpiece to become a reality I can't just sit down and write. I need the best software out there. I need software that will do everything but write the story for me. If you are anything like me and this is just one more excuse for you to not pick up the pen and write then I have bad news. I've found a program for you. So now you can sit down and write with me.

I'll compare the two best ones I have tested and found worthy. I have tested others but these are the only two worthy of your time.Trust me when I say, I've found a program that will do what it needs to. I've tried them ALL. For some reason, I felt it wasn't my fault if I wrote poorly, if I wrote at all, because how could I possibly create without the perfect program to organize all my thoughts? In all fairness to myself, I was partially correct. Since writing with these programs, my productivity has gone up and my frustration down. The two I will compare are Liquid Story Binder and Write Way.

Write Way

This was the first program I found worthy of purchase after trying all the free demos available
Smooth pleasant face
Easily navigated
Nice tutorial already implemented
Not overly complex- just enough of what you need

You can't just write and organize later (you must add "scenes" and then rearrange"
I didn't use the organization tools
The character profiles were too complicated

Liquid Story Binder

Tutorial covers everything
Use only what you need-totally customizable
Add music to your scenes! One of my favorite features!!
Bang for your buck! A lot of features for a small cost
30-day free trial (mine lasted longer, and I only bought it because I was afraid I'd lose my work)
Very customizable (always something to work on-nonlinear writing)
Free online tutorials on the website and very responsive email support team

Tutorial a little overwhelming
Probably a lot of extra fluff you'll never use (but maybe you will!)
Be careful about losing your work or renaming scenes

Apart from that, they have many of the same features. You can put both into ebook format, add content for the front and back matter, add character profiles, organize research and notes and much more. Unless you have a Mac, these are the best out there for Windows. If you have a mac I would also try Scrivener. Ultimately I thought WriteWay Pro was the best but then finally tried Liquid Story Binder and like it much better. So you can try either one with their demos and take my word for it.  Either way, pick one and get writing!


  1. Hi Shelby,
    Wow, I just spent some time perusing your blog articles and am truly surprised to see "no comments"! You obviously put your heart and should into this. I appreciate your critique of Media Bistro. I am currently searching for an online editing certificate, and your review helped. So, thank you for your time and thought.

    1. Hi Janille!
      Thank you so much for reading! You are so sweet to say so! Yes, steer clear of Media Bistro unless you are already an editor and need a "refresher" course. Thanks again for the comment and visit! Hope to see you again soon!